There are currently no post-doctoral research vacancies in our lab. However, if you are interested in applying for your own funding with our support, pplesae do get in touch with Prof. Bublitz.

PhD Students
Applications are currently open for several Doctoral Training Programmes and studentships at the University of Oxford. The Bublitz lab is affiliated with the following programmes:

DPhil Biochemistry
Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP
Cellular Structural Biology DTC

Available Departmental and College studentships are advertised here.

Undergraduate Students
We always welcome enthusiastic biochemistry undergrad students for a summer placements or a Part II project in the lab. Students form an integral part of the group and are involved in all research areas and lab activities.
Currently we have the capacity to host up to two students at any given time, so if you are interested in learning more, please contact Dr. Bublitz directly.

Applicants interested to submit an application are welcome to contact Dr. Bublitz in advance.