We solved the structure of the fungal plasma membrane proton pump!

We did it! After over a decade of work, we finally determined the first ‘high’ (3.2Å) resolution structure of the fungal plasma membrane proton pump, Pma1.

A heroic effort by postdoc Sabine Heit and enriched by exciting molecular dynamics simulations by DPhil student Maxwell Geurts.

Check out the paper in Science Advances here:

N. crassa Pma1 hexamers embedded in a model membrane. Illustration made with Blender (thanks to Anthony Cheuk, Imperial College London).

Update, March 2022

Time is flying, and as I am about to come back from maternity leave, it is time for some important updates to be mentioned. New people have started in the lab, and publications have come out – the lab is buzzing with activity! I’ll dedicate individual posts to the big news shortly!


Merry Christmas!

Activities are slowy winding down in MBU-Lab as we approach the festive season, so I’d like to wish you all a very hapy Christmas time.

Thank you for all the hard work through this year, and I am looking forward to the exciting new science we’ll embark on in 2020!