We solved the structure of the fungal plasma membrane proton pump!

We did it! After over a decade of work, we finally determined the first ‘high’ (3.2Å) resolution structure of the fungal plasma membrane proton pump, Pma1.

A heroic effort by postdoc Sabine Heit and enriched by exciting molecular dynamics simulations by DPhil student Maxwell Geurts.

Check out the paper in Science Advances here:

N. crassa Pma1 hexamers embedded in a model membrane. Illustration made with Blender (thanks to Anthony Cheuk, Imperial College London).

MBU-Lab goes online


These are unprecendented and difficult times.

Like labs everyhere around the world, also MBU-Lab had to move all their meetings online. Nevertheless, everyone is busy doing literature work, data analysis and structural analysis, and we’ve moved our lab meetings to Zoom.

Thanks everyone for keeping MBU-Lab running strong. Keep up the good work and – most importantly – the good spirits!